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Why Materials Fall Off From Maize Processing Equipment?


Some workers found materials fall off from maize processing equipment during its running processing. This is not only a waste, but also reminds the staff to check the equipment.

Generally speaking, when materials drop from maize processing equipment, it is necessary for workers to check the material drop location, feed inlet or conveying pipe, interface or sealing part, and find out it is caused by human factor or equipment factor.


If the sealing strip of the screen frame is cracked due to long-term operation of the equipment, the seals should be replaced in time; if the screen frame is damaged or broken and cracked, contact professionals in time to repair;

The maize processing equipment conveys materials through a pneumatic conveying system. If air leaks in this part, the material will fall off. In addition, when the equipment is stopped, the materials should be cleaned in time to make sure the flour quality.

Therefore, when there is a problem with the maize corn milling machine, don’t panic! Try to analyze the specific cause, and deal with it accordingly. Generally, if you buy machine from a professional manufacturer, the machine will be equipped with a sealing strip when it leaves the factory to avoid this situation from the beginning. At the same time, the vibration of the machine is technically tested, and the vibration of the machine is small, and it can also avoid powder.