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Small Flour Mill

6F series flour mill is the upgrade of traditional small manual feeding roller mill, instead of manual feeding during each cycle of milling; this automatic flour mill is pneumatic lifting for the reason of high pressure air blower application and small tank with two bins as a shift surge one. This flour mill can save a lot of labor force which can increase the milling capacity at some degree.

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6F series of automatic feeding flour machine is suitable for individual processing, it is a small flour mill, and can also be used in food factories to process other cereals, such as wheat, maize, corn, sorghum, soybeans, etc. this type of flour machine uses the principle of wind power lifting, roller grinding and screening, with high production efficiency, good flour extraction performance, no flour lifting, low energy consumption, easy to use and maintain.

small flour mill 6

Small flour processing machinery is easy to transport, easy to operate, easy to repair and maintain. This machine has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise, stable and reliable performance. The round screen is used to extract flour, and the screen/sieve is easy to replace. The structure is compact and reasonable, durable, good protection and beautiful appearance. The processing speed of small flour machinery also has a certain impact on flour quality. The lower the speed, the less likely the nutrients are to be destroyed, and the more nutritious flour is.

Process flow is as follows

1. Input material goes through the pipe transferred by air blower and be feeded to the roller mill
2. Be elevated to the rollers by air blower
3. Be grinded/milled by couple rolls
4. Beside the rolls there are two unit of testing sifter, only the flour with certain size can pass the sieve, those bigger one will be transferred to the rolls and be grinded again and again till pass the sieve.

small flour mill 7

Flow chart:

flow chart

Product Parameters

Model Capacity


Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
6F35 Wheat:100-200

Corn (maize):50-100

9.7 800 2450*1000*3500
6F40 Wheat:200-300

Corn/maize: 100-150

13.2 1000 2450*1000*3500
6F50 Wheat: 300-400

Corn/maize :150-200

17.2 1500 2550*1000*3500
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