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Several Parts Operators Need Pay Attention To During Maize Milling Process


In the process of corn processing machinery, there are many reasons that affect machinery production. In addition to the machinery itself, many other reasons are unknown to the processing manufacturers. For example, operator errors will also affect the production of corn processing machinery. In the production process, which aspects of the machinery and equipment should be paid attention to by the operator:

Cleaning, corn deep-processing machinery cleaning procedures are not perfect, so that the sand, stones, etc., can not be effectively removed in the cleaning process.

Flour milling does not use new milling technology, resulting in poor processing of corn. If the peeling process is not used, pollutants such as ash and pesticide residues on the corn epidermis will enter the flour.


Production safety, corn processing machinery has a complex structure. There are many transmission parts, electrical controls, and other details. Some of the equipment produced by small manufacturers rarely check parameters, and the safety awareness is not very strong. Some even do not have safety protection or safety warnings on the dangerous parts of the machinery, which may damage the personal safety of operators and other workers.

During the processing, if a certain process is missing, it will directly affect the processing effect. The operating procedures of corn processing machinery include cleaning and stone removal, dampener, peeling and degerming, crushing and flour extraction, classification and screening, etc.

The operator also need regularly add a fixed type of lubricating oil to the main parts of the corn deep-processing machinery, such as bearings, to help lubricate them. In general, it is not recommended to change the type of lubricant frequently.

During maize processing machinery process, the factory operators must pay attention to the production process to ensure the quality and increase the output of final product.