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Precautions Before Using Rice Milling Equipment


The rice milling machine from Henan Chengli Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. can produce high-quality white rice even under low pressure, achieving high-yield and low-fragmentation effects, and can effectively remove scratches on the rice surface. There will be various problems in the use of any machine.Here we summarizes the precautions for using the complete set of rice milling equipment


What should we pay attention to when using rice milling equipment?

Before the brown rice enters the feeding hopper, check if there is metal objects and stones to avoid damage to the roller.

Pull out the front rotating block when the whitening is finished, and clean the remaining rice bran.

The whitening accuracy will be determined by the type of brown rice, and the whitening time.

When the complete set of rice milling equipment has been used for a long time and after the high-moisture brown rice is milled, the rice bran bonding emery roller affects the fine whiteness, use a wrench to remove the roller, brush the bran powder with a wire brush, and install it back.

Now most new rice processing equipment are automated production lines. The processing plants are generally equipped with fewer operators. Some equipment parts must be subject to strict regular inspections. 1. Pneumatic components 2. Transmission parts 3. Grinding rollers. In general, grinding rollers are required to replace regularly. Regular replacement (wearing parts) affects the quality and productivity of the rice.