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Cotton Seeds/Soybean/Peanut/Palm Oil Production Line

10T-500T/Dsunflower/cotton seeds/soybean/peanut/palm oil production line equipment is mainly used in large-scale oil plant squeezing and refining processes, with high refining rate and continuous process, which can refine different grades of oil. Including various vegetable oils: soybean, peanut, cottonseed, rapeseed, corn germ and other suitable oily materials.

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Product Features

1. Oil pretreatment-that is, a series of treatments such as cleaning, peeling, crushing, rolling, steaming and frying of the oil before pressing the oil, the purpose of which is to remove impurities and make the oil into a material with certain mechanical properties. To meet the requirements of oil extraction process;
2. Oil extraction-We highly recommend the extraction method to extract oil. Compared with the leaching method, the squeezing method is simple in process, less supporting equipment, suitable for a variety of oils, flexible production, good oil quality, light color, pure flavor, and the remaining oil cake can be used for feed and fertilizer;
3. The unrefined vegetable oil obtained by separating the oil residue of crude oil and pressing it is generally called crude oil or crude oil. Crude oil usually contains some solid impurities such as oil cake powder, silt, straw fiber, etc. Because these impurities mostly exist in the oil in a suspended state, they are called suspended impurities. The suspended impurities in the crude oil have a negative impact on the transportation, temporary storage and subsequent refining of the crude oil. Therefore, it must be removed from the crude oil in time after the residual oil;
4. Refining
Oil refining is a complex physical and chemical process. According to the difference in oil properties, certain technological measures are taken to separate the oil and impurities, and further improve the safety of oil consumption and storage stability.

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Product Parameters

10-200T/H oil material first cleaning, dryer and oil press and storage section project.
20-300T/D sunflower oil, rice bran oil, corn germ oil production line.
1tph-120tph cottonseeds oil Processing Line.
50TPD soybean pre-clean and oil extraction plant and oil refinerry plant.
1000TDP soybean peanut oil complete prduction line
We can customize the capacity according to clients’ requires.

Application and After-Sales Service

We offer all kinds of oil press: mini oil refinery, oil extraction plant, refinery, small scale oil extraction plant, large scale oil extraction plant, etc. The oil extraction plant includes: coconut oil machine, palm oil plant, sesame oil plant, soybean oil machine, rice bran oil extractor, peanut peanut oil factory, rapeseed oil machine, corn germ oil machine and other plant oil plants.

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