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30T/24H Maize Grits Making Machine/Commercial Maize Flour Milling Machine/Maize Flour Mill

Based on the strong technical force, high product development capability, advanced machinery manufacturing facility. Our company has been successfully exported to many commercial maize flour milling machine to many countries and regions. The flour produced by maize flour mill is one of the staple food of African countries.
From raw material transportation, winnowing, removing large, medium, small and micro impurities, removing stones, removing metal impurities, moisture adjustment, clean corn conveying, grain moisturizing, peeling, removing germs and other processes, the final output is Maize grits and corn flour, and packed in bags by manual or automatic packing machine

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The corn goes through the cleaning sieve to remove impurities and enters the moisturizing hoist. The corn processing skin is soaked in water in the moisturizing hoist, and then enters the storage box, and then enters the peeling crusher. The germ and the skin are separated, and the corn grits after the peeling and germ removal enter the pulverizer to grind and flow out from the discharge port of the receiver.

The corn processing equipment control system adopts automatic control, which can not only ensure the flow of the production process and reduce the labor intensity of the operators, but more importantly, it can ensure the accuracy and real-time feedback of the production process, improve product quality, and reduce equipment failure rate Corn processing equipment has high production efficiency and good quality, not easy to damage, and easy to operate. The development direction of corn processing equipment has been developed from traditional to automation and high-tech.

The production process is: cleaning, peeling, removing embryos, removing roots, crushing, taking grits, grading, polishing, selection, packaging, etc. The equipment can process and produce corn flour, corn flour, corn grits and corn kernels in different degrees. The products produced are free of impurities, golden color, fine powder, uniform particle size, and rich nutritional value

Product Features

Using dry peeling and degerming technology, it can produce different sizes of corn grits and flour at the same time. Corn grits size can be customized as per customers’ need in order to meet various of needs such as brewery, snack food, glucose, sugarhouse. Thanks for the dry peeling and degerming technology, husks and germs collected at the end don’t need to be dried before used for animal feed.

Product Parameters


Application and After-Sales Service

Warranty: 12 months
Installation: we will send the engineer to the customer site for install
Pre-sale:We provide professional design according to your product needs. We will provide you with reasonable suggestions and the best solutions to ensure the overall performance of the machine.

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