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30-50T/24H Rice Milling Machine

The 50-100T/24h rice milling machine is a complete line, the working principle of rice milling machine: put paddy into the whitener, through the comprehensive action of extrusion, collision and friction, get the white rice. The whiteness of rice can be controlled by adjusting the position of the rice knife and the pressure of the pressure door. The finished rice is bright and white, fragrant and very delicious.50-100T/24h rice milling machine has long service life, easy operation and maintenance, can process various varieties of rice.

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This rice mill processing equipment includes a series of continuous production sets, which work from cleaning, peeling, rice and paddy separation, polishing of rice, grading. The whole sets is composed of some main equipment such as pre-cleaner, separator, de-stoner, paddy husker, paddy separator, emery roll whitener, air-jetting iron roll whitener, white rice plan shifter, rice mist polisher, color sorter, packing machine and some other assistant device. The equipment is mainly apply to produce high precision rice and various grades. The rice whitener work with multi-machine lightly grinding process, the processed top grade rice show to be luminous and contain less bran. Now we can provide various kinds of productions you need.

Product Features

50-100T/24h rice milling machine has Beautiful appearance, low power consumption, long service life, easy operation and maintenance, can process various varieties of rice, rice husk and rice bran separated, broken rice rate is less. The finished rice is bright and white, fragrant and very delicious.
Processing line: Vibrated cleaner → Destoner → Rice husker → Rice Separator → Rice Mill → Rice polisher → Rice Grader → Rice Color Sorter → Packing&sealing.
1. Vibrated cleaner: Cleaning the paddy
2. Destoner: Separating small stones from the paddy
3. Husker: Removing the husk from the paddy
4. Separator: Separating the husk from the brown rice /unhusked paddy
5. Rice Mill: From paddy to rice
6. Rice polisher: The polishing machine will make the white rice more shining and more smooth, thus to increase the quality of rice
7. Rice grader: separate different quality rice and separate broken rice from the good ones.
8. Rice color sorter: The rice we get from above steps still have some bad rice, broken rice or some other grains or stones, so here we use color sorting machine to select the bad rice and other grains. Color sorting machine is an important machine to ensure we can get high quality rice

Product Parameters

Model Capacity Total power (KW) Output yield Floor area(L*W*H)
50T/24h rice milling machine 50T 182KW 71% 24*6*6M
80T/24h rice milling machine 80T 190KW 71% 20*6*8.5M
100T/24h rice milling machine 100T 249KW 71% 26*10*7M

The product parameter will recalculate according to your inquire, this data just for reference.

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: Suitable for rice plant, urban supermarkets, grain stores, farmers markets and so on.
1. Warranty: one year
2. We’ll send our engineer to your local to guide installation.
3. We will send engineer to your local and responsible for installation, test running and training local workers for you.

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