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20T/24H Maize Corn Flour Milling Machine/Maize Meal Grinder /Flour Plant

Maize corn flour milling machine has good sales in African countries. The flour plant is easy to operate. The produced corn flour is the staple food of African countries. It is a complete corn flour mill. It is mainly composed of maize cleaning equipment, flour mill, flour sifter, cyclone and air blower. It can produce maize flour, maize meal and standard flour as needed.
Quality of corn flour: The corn flour extraction rate is 75-80%, the maize husk is 20-25%, the flour produced by the flour plant is fine, the finished flour quality is high, and the taste is pure.

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Final product parameters

1. Corn flour fineness: 40-200 meshes (the flour mesh can be adjusted)
2. Sand content: <0.02%
3. Magnetic metal content: < 0.003/kg
4. Moisture storage: 13.5-14.5%
5. Fat content: 0.5—1%

The final product of the equipment is of good quality, easy to operate, and low power consumption. For some wearing parts, it is made of special wear-resistant materials, which reduces the cost of replacement parts and meets product specifications. The whole process is closed to make powder, the dust concentration is the lowest, and it is easy to clean, the machine is convenient to operate, high efficiency, energy saving, Maize Corn Flour Milling Machine with its unique and exquisite design coupled with reasonable and scientific processing technology, this equipment is very popular among grain processing practitioners.

The machine is easy to operate, high efficiency, energy saving, and environmentally friendly. Placed on a flat ground, using the best quality grinding heads and rollers, equipped with chain drive, micro-electric control, instrument display and micro-addition systems. The corn processing equipment is driven by an electric motor and is fully automatic. Auxiliary equipment is usually: grain processing equipment, corn cleaning equipment, peeling equipment, etc. After the corn milling plant is processed, the added value of corn products is several times the income of corn raw materials

We have professional grain art designers to ensure the advanced nature of the process and reduce the impact of impurities, ash and bran on the finished product;

Product Parameters

     Capacity ( t/h)       Power (KW) Workshop Size(mm)
      20T/24H 72 20000×5000×5000

Application and After-Sales Service

Warranty: 12 months after installation and commissioning
Equipment installation and training:
We have professional engineer to provide installation and training services for your workers.

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