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10Tpd Wheat Flour Mill Plant

10tpd wheat flour mill plant is very popular in African countries, this type flour mill machine usually no need to send our engineers to install ; clients can install themselves under our guide, which will save a lot time and emery for clients, this 10tpd wheat flour mill plant is small flour mill, easy to install and operate.
Henan grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. is a grain equipment manufacturer. It produces flour processing machinery, complete set of flour processing machinery, complete set of flour processing equipment, complete set of flour processing equipment and flour processing equipment, and adopts advanced flour processing technology.

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10tpd wheat flour mill technical data:
Flour extraction rate: 75%-80%
Capacity: 10 tons per 24 hours
Power supply: about 31.7kw/ 380V, 50 Hz
Workshop space required: L*W*H: 8x4x3.5m

Processing technology

Technology of cleaning parts: one set of Multipurpose cleaning machine, two sets Magnetic Separator, one set dust collector and one set Cyclone pipes. Technology of flour milling parts: two sets of 6F 2240 roller mill, one set bran finisher, one set Bag filter, etc.

It is suitable for both private and industrial business to process supplied material of grain. This machine uses wind to elevate and combines grinding and screening together. With high productivity and low power consumption, it functions well and has no dust releasing and is easy to maintain.

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Process flow is as follows:

1. Wheat, corn or maize goes through our versatile cleaner which emerges separating, destoning, scouring and wetting into a single whole.
Classifying:To remove the straws, clods and stones those are bigger than wheat, corn grains.
De-stoning:To remove the stones by special gravity
Scouring:Clean the surface of wheat grains
Wetting:To wet the clean wheat grains, preparing for milling part
2. The clean wheat. Corn, maize will go through the pipe transferred by air blower and be feeded to the roller mill
3. Be elevated to the rollers by air blower
4. Be grinded by couple rolls
5. Beside the rolls there are two unit of testing sifter, only the wheat, corn, maize flour with certain size can pass the sieve, those bigger one will be transferred to the rolls and be grinded again and again till pass the sieve.

Washer and stoner adopts wet method to clean wheat, it is applicable for mill plants to remove stone and sand in the wheat cleaning process. In the process, the machine can remove the dust on the wheat surface, and in the ventral groove of the wheat, as well as pesticide, microbes, ovums, and pollutes. At the meanwhile, the machine can increase the moisture of the wheat and change the physical property and grinding procedure in conjunction with tempering.

flow chart

Application and After-Sales Service

Warranty: one year after successful commissioning
Training: we offer free training of your workers

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