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10-15T/24H Combined Rice Milling Machine

This combined rice milling machine, capacity: 10-15T/24h, is a complete production line contains all parts, paddy through destoner cleaning into machine, rubber roller, husker, air separating, air spraying rice mill, continuously finish the processing from paddy to white rice. Automatic rice milling machine advantage: Low cost, High profit, High capacity, less crushing and good craft.

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Product Features

10-15T combined rice milling machine is consisting of rice milling machine system and cleaning system, with rice huller, milling, screening, finishing, bran separation process as a whole.
The machine has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, small occupation area, low power consumption, short manufacturing process, high work efficiency, reduce the cost of grain processing, is a comprehensive type of rice processing combined rice machine.
Paddy was vibrating screen, magnetic separation device into the machine, the rubber roll husker, winnowing, spray wind milling, continuously complete from valley to grind machining operation net shelling white, fine bran, chaff, blighted grain, rice are discharged out of the machine. A machine f or rice bran content less, broken rice grains of bright light, integrity, accuracy up to mark more than one.

10 15t 24h combined rice milling machine 6

Combined rice mill advantage as blow

1. Compact structure, Reduced space on floor, Complete function, Easy to operate, less labor inquire, Durable, little noise, convenient maintenance
2. Low cost, Low consumption, High yeild and make a profit in short time
3. Easy to install, customer can install by himself.

Main Technical Parameters of each combined part

Name Power(Kw) Capacity(kg/h)
Single machine total Single machine total
45destoner (stone cleaning machine) 1.85 20.17 800 400-650
TDTG-10/7 elevating conveyor 1.1 850
LT-15type husker 5.1 700
grading screen 0.37 500
MJCZ-80*5 gravity paddy separator 0.75 600
MNS-150type sand-roller rice mill 11 500

Rice Mill Unit Main Technical Parameters

Capacity (t/24h) Total power (kw) Ratio of winnowed rice (%) Voltage Weight (kg) Floor area(L*W*H)
10-15 20.17 71 380V 1500 5*2.5*3M

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: Rice milling plant, Food factory
Service: Online support, we send engineers to your place for guiding installation. Engineers are responsible for guide installation, test running and training. We will send you the Operating video & instruction to you together with machines, to help you use the machines better.
Warranty: one year

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